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About Global Foods Group & Healthy For Life Foods

the providers of Jaca Sugar

Our Approach

The world is ready for a better sugar.

At GFG, Healthy For Life Foods, we  want people to know the truth behind conventional cane sugar and the other sweeteners on the market today. 

Every sweetener assumes that sucrose is the best we can do… That’s why all the other players call themselves ‘sugar alternatives’.  

But in most cases, the ‘solution’ (artificial sweeteners) may be more harmful than the ‘problem’ (cane sugar).

Sucrose is bad for you, but it’s the best option, right?  Wrong. 

There’s always been a better sugar waiting for us.  It’s rare.  It does all the things we want sugar to do, and it doesn’t hurt people.  

Jaca is here! A natural sugar without the negatives of sucrose. 

We will pave the way for better health, a better society and a better world.

Our Corporate Beliefs

Global Foods Group, LLC, better known as Healthy For Life Foods, is a paradigm-shifting food & beverage company in the U.S. with a focus on good health & wellbeing.   

As a pending Benefit Corporation, we balance our profits with purpose and take our social and environmental conscience very seriously. 

We have also started a nonprofit organization called, The Foundation For Nutritional Equality.    

Through the distribution of our healthy sugar, and local outreach, our goal is to help people and their families find the line to better overall health. 

Investor Relations

We are inviting Sophisticated Investors to become part of the Jaca success story

We would like to speak to you in person.

For more information on your investment opportunities with us, please leave your contact details and a representative will respond within 24 hours.

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The Facets of our Business Model

Some of these touch points we would be happy to discuss with you in person

Category Leadership

GFG will be the first to introduce this rare sugar to the U.S. market, en masse, engaging in a morally obligated effort to save humankind – one person at a time.

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This paradigm-shifting ingredient will forever change the sugar industry and presents a “Greenfield Opportunity” as only 15% of Americans have ever heard of Allulose, this healthy sugar (Source: 2021 IFIC Study).

Product Distribution Models

We will operate across three initial stovepipes as the company scales:

1. Direct To Consumer (DTC) over the Internet

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2. Distribution Partnerships, and

3. The “Sweet Spot” Voucher Program to help the impoverished. 

Significant corporate development resources have been allocated towards establishing distribution partnerships. GFG/HFLF has signed a major distribution deal with a large-scale coffee company, based on the West Coast, which will allow us to find a logical foray onto retail grocery shelves as well. 

Bicoastal US Operations

With offices now located bicoastally in Miami, FL and Sacramento, CA., we are uniquely equipped to serve the US and the World with our super sugar at a lower cost of goods sold and with greater efficiency.  

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Our newly acquired presence on the West Coast is also translating into productive conversations regarding the build-out of a manufacturing facility. 

With heavy state incentives, California is the most progressive state in the US related to health & wellbeing and this becomes a practical launching point for these endeavors. 

Board of Advisors

Our Board of Advisors boasts the first-ever Chief Science Officer at Coca-Cola, Dr. Rhona Applebaum, the inventor of Craisins at Ocean Spray, Dr. Tom Aurand, the Wharton MBA who started the Southeast Asia base of operations for JP Morgan, and, other seasoned & tenured executives. 


We are celebrity-backed and have built all marketing assets and eCommerce infrastructure with world-renowned Vayner Media.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a pending B Corp, we take Corporate Social Responsibility seriously and have created a (patentable*) Voucher Program to distribute Jaca into impoverished communities where sugar-related illness hits the hardest. 

Our Management Team

Pete Ferrari


I’ve got 30 years of entrepreneurial spirit & company building across 4 different industries. I have also been living a lifestyle of good health & wellbeing, with a nutrition & fitness focus, for 40 years.  After the death of my father at age 10, my family was thrust into extreme rural poverty. I know firsthand how hard the impoverished are hit by nutritional insecurity and bad food choices because I remember not eating every day.

This is why our Voucher Program is so important to me.  I had to crack that code to help the underserved.  I was fortunate enough to put myself through college and I even became an NCAA Athlete.

I am here to help people and families do better.

Chris Bianchi

Managing Director

Chris has over 30 years of experience driving market fit, funding, and operations in early-stage companies. He has facilitated growth in these organizations through multiple liquidity events across various industries, totaling nearly $1 billion in transactions.

His knowledge of large-scale deal cycles has proven invaluable throughout the lifecycles of all the companies where he was involved.

As a C-level executive, Chris’ cross-functional knowledge of operations, finance, sales, and corporate development ensured success for him, his colleagues, and affiliates.

For more information about Jaca sugar and our consumers’ reactions, please visit our Home Page.

Forward Looking Statements

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