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What We Do

Jaca is dethroning sucrose as the apex sugar, freeing people to make the healthy choice, enjoying the delicious sweetness and texture they love without having to settle. This is the sugar we should’ve had all along.

How does Jaca outperform sucrose?

Jaca is SUGAR! It tastes like sugar, cooks like sugar, bakes like sugar, caramelizes like sugar and feels like sugar because it is a rare sugar.

But unlike common sucrose, Jaca…

… is fully ingestible by Type 1 Diabetics

… reduces existing belly & subcutaneous body fat

… has Zero net Carbs / Zero Glycemic index

… has 90% fewer calories than conventional sugar

… does not promote tooth decay

… is Starch, Dairy, Preservative, Yeast, Wheat, Grain FREE

… is Keto, Paleo, Primal friendly

… reduces appetite & inhibits fat absorption by the body

This Is All About You

Every sweetener makes the same empty promises about replacing traditional cane sugar.    

We are the Peoples’ Champion. The democratizer of healthy choices. We give you the pleasure of conventional sugar without the pain.   We pave the way and shine a light on a better way. 

We always keep the peoples’ interests at heart, showing a path forward and cheerleading for you, our customer.

Our Mission

We thrive on helping our customers find healthy foods and beverages that can offer better Health & Wellbeing.

We hold ourselves accountable as we share our experiences and knowledge in order to help humankind – one person, one family at a time. Our purpose relies heavily upon clear communication and providing information to make the world a healthier place.

What Our Customers Say

“My kids ate fruit!”

“I covered the top of a bowl of fruit with Jaca and they loved it. They ate it all and it’s good for them! This is my new secret weapon to get them to eat healthily.”

Joyce L., Florida

“Where has this been? As a diabetic, I am constantly trying to figure out new ingredients to cook with. With Jaca, I am all set now. Problem solved!”

Emily V., Michigan

“Sweet sweetener, tastes even better than sugar!”

Priyavarthini S., India

“I have a sweet tooth and it’s caused me a lot of problems, including weight gain. Now I’m pre-diabetic also.

Jaca satisfies me completely. I am going to make some real changes and get back in shape without forgetting sweets.”

Brandon F., California

“Jaca is really SUGAR – I knew it the second I tried it.”

“I am a customer for life, this is incredible!”

Amy P., New York

“I’ve always steered clear of Stevia and other sugar-type products because they are really bad for you.

Jaca blows away any other sweetener I’ve tried including honey and Monkfruit.”

Fred P., New Jersey

“I made a pitcher of margaritas with Jaca. Well, I drank it too. Tasted incredible and I woke up feeling GREAT!

No next morning issues like when I have all that sugar the night before.”

Steve H., Tennessee

“I was not expecting real sugar.”

“It’s a little less sweet but that’s fine with me because I can eat as much as I want.”

Craig G., England

Baking with Jaca and a little girl’s taste reaction

We are working hard to bring Jaca to your favorite foods, snacks and beverages

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jaca sugar?

YES!  Jaca is a monosaccharide (rare sugar), therefore; it tastes like cane sugar, cooks like cane sugar, browns like cane sugar, and caramelizes like cane sugar.  But, due to its molecular composition, it has none of the health hazards of cane sugar.

Does Jaca really burn existing body fat?

YES!  In a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled, human based, clinical trial; Jaca was proven to reduce existing body fat.  Jaca increases the activity of three enzymes that break down fats: CPT1 [Carnitine palmitoyltransferase 2], CPT2, and beta-oxidase.  Jaca also increases the numbers of a protein involved in energy use [uncoupling protein 1 or UCP1].  Lastly, Jaca blocks the enzymes that produce fatty molecules [fatty acid synthase and acetyl-CoA carboxylase 1].

What is Jaca?

Jaca is technically called D-Psicose also known as Allulose.  We provide the purest form of this rare sugar, offering it without any additives, preservatives or pollutants of any kind that may impact the taste of this beautiful ingredient.

Why have we never heard of this sugar before?

That’s a GREAT question better asked of the big Food & Beverage companies, the FDA and the sugar lobby!  This rare sugar was first discovered in the 1970’s, it costs a bit more to manufacture, would hurt big sugar and would mean recipe reformulation for the big F&B players.  Our mission is to be this industry’s “conscience” and the Internet is the great equalizer that allows us to get our message out there to good people everywhere!

Does Jaca cause IBS or any digestive distress?

NO!  Jaca has been determined to be ‘FODMAP friendly’ which means it does not cause any discomfort when ingested.  

Does Jaca really reduce appetite?

YES!  Jaca increases the release of the GLP-1 enzyme which travels through the bloodstream to the brain. In the brain, GLP-1 receptors are located in the brainstem, hypothalamus, and parietal cortex. Their activation results in a reduction of appetite. 

Is Jaca approved by the FDA?

YES!  Jaca has FDA GRAS status meaning it is ‘Generally Recognized As Safe’ by the FDA.  Per the FDA, Jaca does not need to be recorded as sugar on Nutrition Labels on Food & Beverage products. 

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